Friday, 25 May 2012

Q&A with Nimhain

Hello! I've been reading some of the threads and feedback that AlcoLoL has been receiving and I'd like to answer some of the more frequently said comments/ questions.

You couldn't make these drinks in a real bar....
I'm aware that some of my drinks have a lot of alcohol in them and thus cannot be made up in a real bar. I am not a bartender nor have I had any training as one. This is just something I do for fun and as a hobby outside of video games.

Most of these drinks aren't even original...
I did mention in the Welcome post that I would be using both a few originals (because it's really hard to create 100 or so completely original drinks) and existing drinks (hopefully tweaking them to get a slightly different effect). I try to make each drink feel unique but it can be hard to without sacrificing flavor.

That looks like it would taste awful...
I've drunk everything I post (unless it has a ingredient that I have an allergy to, then I get my partner-in-crime Sirrian to drink it for me). I'm aware that people enjoy different tastes to my own, but I encourage people to give something a try before you judge it. If you try and hate it, that's fine. Just don't judge because it "looks" disgusting.

The average age for the LoL community is under-age, you're promoting under-age drinking...
I have mentioned in the Welcome and in the original thread I posted on the LoL NA forums to drink resposibly and safely. The under-age community is the reason I started adding mocktails. I'm currently focusing on creating more mocktails so that the under-age LoL players can have something from here as well.

Some of the drinks just seem to be random with a champion attached...
I have 3 reasons I make a drink up for a champion:
1. The drinks appearance remindes me on the champion (eg. Cassiopeia, Veigar).
2. I think a type of alcohol relates well with the champion (Soraka=Banana Liqueur, the Ninjas= Sake)
3. The name of the recipe I'm using make me think of a champion (Shaco= Jack in a Box, Nocturne= Nightmare).

These drinks are just my interpretation of the champion. Everyone is going to have their own view of what alcohol should be in each champion's drink.

Can you make champion X next?
I will certainly try but I don't really have a plan on how I do each champion. I have to find either a recipe, ingredient or vision for how I want that champion to look.

I want to thank everyone for the feedback and support that has been given so far to AlcoLoL. Look forward to seeing some new mocktails in the coming week.


  1. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to make us all of these wonderful drinks. I really look forward to making the mocktails, and the alcoholic ones next year (when I am of legal drinking age).

  2. Second that, this is a great find for me, I love League of Legends and I love cocktails. Even though I prefer the more classic cocktails and especially the classic way of preparing them, I absolutely adore what you're doing. It's a fun diversion and a great way to start a gaming night with friends!
    I hope you're enjoying it as much as I and my friends do!

    1. Thank you to both of you. I love making this cocktails/mocktails. I wouldn't have made this blog if I hadn't.

  3. Yea thanks a bunch for making these drinks VERY fun to try out :-) And even if some arent to my liking it is still worth it to try them. Also my 2 cents to the questions above, if people don't like it *points to the door* There are plenty of us that do!

    1. On a side note, how much does this cost you! It seems with all the glasses, alcohol and other ingredients it would cost a kings ransom to make all of these. Some friends and I are planning on making a few of these for a "reunion" and I'm thinking for about...6-8 different ones will cost a pretty penny.

    2. I have a store where I can buy the glasses anywhere from $2-$5 (AUD) per glass, I've picked up several of my non-cocktail glasses there. The rest of my glasses I've received as gifts (I have a relative who buys me new a new glass or two every time they travel) or I've collected over the years.

      As for alcohol- that's rather expensive. On one trip to restock my alcohol shelves I spent about $200 (AUD). I also try to pick up some of alcohol when I travel overseas (Tequila is really cheap in the US compared to Australia). That's why several ingredients may occur more commonly than others.

    3. Hey, I was wondering if you could do one for Xin Zhao. Perhaps for his Three Talon Strike?

  4. Very good job up until now. Of course we all have our favorite champions we can't wait to honor with our glasses(Kassadin, Vayne... Ahem).
    If I could recommend something, when your drinks are inspired by another, maybe you could post the reference? With the original name, we can easily find other adjustments and ideas to enhance the drink.

    And yeah... expensive. With the variety we wanted to try, it cost me a few hundreds but at least my bar is pretty full now. Some are very rare where I live so I need to come up with replacements.

    1. I cannot honestly remember all the inspiration drinks for the champions I've done so far. So I can't tell you. However I can tell you the main source of recipes I have to mod is a book called The Cocktail Bible by Steve Quirk.

      You can use that as a starting point, also I found a couple of good recipes online.