Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Udyr, the Animal Spirit

Now Remember, don't drink and jungle!

Tiger Stance:
15ml Drambuie
10ml Orange Juice
5ml Lemon Juice

Pour ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a shot glass.

Turtle Stance:
15ml Midori
15ml Triple Sec
10ml Ouzo

Layer ingredients in order (Midori=bottom/Triple Sec=middle/Ouzo=top)
into a tall shot glass.

Bear Stance:
15ml Jack Daniel’s
15ml Creaming Soda

Pour ingredients into a shot glass, then stir.

Phoenix Stance:
30ml Cinnamon Schnapps (100 proof)
1 Dash Tabasco Sauce

Pour schnapps into a shot glass, add sauce.

Creator's Note: Thank you to everyone for the well wishes last week. I'm very happy to be back creating AlcoLoL for you.

Udyr is going to be the only champion (for now) to have a drink for each of his moves as something special (and I couldn't decide which of his stances to do).


  1. Hazzah! Finally an Udyr Styled drink! Thank you, he's my favorite champion! :D

  2. very nice, good initiative! udyr ftw

  3. im copying and posting these in a cult im making on vf :D its a LoL themed cult! i love these drink ideas so creative, all credit goes to you :D

  4. isnt bear form blue?

    1. The old one was Brown