Thursday, 3 January 2013

Diana, Scorn of the Moon

Fly me to the moon...

Creator's Note: Welcome back! Hope you had a great holiday period.

One change I'm going to be doing to the blog this year, is the frequency of posts. Originally I had hoped to achieve a drink per week. However as you may have noticed there were times where I just couldn't do this. From now on I'm going to try (*fingers crossed*) to get 1 post every 2 weeks. Hopefully this will give me plenty of time to refine drinks and track down missing ingredients.


  1. Even at the rate of 1 drink each 2weeks, you'd run out of champs pretty quickly. So no need to rush them, just post them when you know the drink is right. I follow the rss feed to make sure I don't miss any.
    I've been following your drinks for about 9 months now (already commented how much I liked your work as "anonymous" before). Really appreciate it, putting your time in this and sharing it with the world! Me and my friends enjoy them very much!
    Greetings from Belgium.

  2. Is there anyway for u 2 add a rating system for the drinks so we can see which one is rly good ?

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  5. Dairus would be really amazing to see. I love your site and am definatly inspired to go out and start making some drinks. :)

  6. Can't wait 'till you get to Mordekaiser. HUEHUEHUEHUEHUE

    1. I've trying to get a good recipe for Mordekaiser, no luck so far though.