Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Shyvana, the Half-Dragon

Warning , this drink contains a fiery bite...


  1. Yay! I definitly have to try this now, only because she's one of the two champions I play (well).
    Have you done any support-champion's drinks? (Im kinda looking for sona, but really any support would be kinda funny to see what you come up with)

    Also, are you a bartender or something of the sort? (Not sure if youve posted about that or not, Ive only browsed through a little bit of what you've posted... sorry)

    1. No I'm not a bar tender, nor have I had the training. I just like cocktails and making them. This is a hobby for me.

      I have done a couple of support champions like Lulu and Soraka. I haven't done Sona yet as I haven't made anything that really suits her.

    2. Sona seems like one of those ones you'd probably want to do four for. 'Hymn of Valor' sounds like a pretty sick name for a drink, but you could always do something that hits hard for 'Crescendo'. Though, 'Aria of Preservance' would probably be a mocktail, or something. 'Song of Celerity'.... I got nothing.